Kodex Original Robo Fishing Chair - 'Full Monty' Package

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Kodex Original Robo Chair - 'Full Monty' Package

The Kodex Robo Chair range has been hugely popular with anglers, and this was where it all began.  The original has quickly become the fastest selling fishing chair in the UK and consistently gets strong reviews from those who've used it on the bank.

This fishing chair has so many selling points that has made it the choice of so many anglers.  Before you get on to the flexible and intelligent design it is easy to be impressed with how portable it is for such a study chair that can still take the weight of up to 20 stone (130KG).  

The chair itself is remarkably compact and lightweight and comes in at under 5kg, meaning you don't have to compromise on comfort or functionality when you still want to move your kit around with ease for the more mobile angler.  The clever folding design allows you to put the chair up quickly and easily and takes up a minimum of space in transit, which is ideal if you are trying to downsize the amount of kit you carry around with you.  Thanks to it's lightweight design it is perfect for both day anglers or those who like to roam.

The design also means you can adjust and customise the set up of the chair to maximise your comfort, and adapt to the conditions you choose to position yourself in.  The legs of the chair are fully adjustable which helps you keep an optimum and stable position even who positioned on a slope or on uneven ground. There is also an incorporated back support and the legs are 17" (43cm) long when fully extended.

The most famous aspect of the Kodex Robo Chair is the way you can set up all of the accessories to match your angling style.  It incorporates StarGrip 360 nylon fittings on each leg, which is an intelligent and intuitive system that easily allows you to fix and detach side arms, bait trays or even pick an umbrella support for those rainier days.  This allows you to mix and match and experiment with your own configuration of accessories to fit in with how you fish.  You also have to option to grow the number of accessories you use, as StarGrip 360 arm attachments can be purchased separately too allowing you to adapt and change the kit you use as you take on different environments and conditions.

Thanks to that adaptability, it gives you even more opportunities for stress-free finishing as you can also choose to add seatbox-style accessories to the chair if you want to add the Kodex Multi-Chair Leg Adaptor.  A lot of anglers using a chair can sometimes find they have to reach down of across to pick up a rod and that delay can mean missed bites, but the adaptability of set up means you can keep your rod to hand and exactly where you need it to help you land a big catch.

As the name suggests this 'Full Monty' combo comes complete with a front feeder arm and fitting, a back support and fitting, two rests for the front and back supports and a side bait tray, giving you the perfect introduction to all the flexibility and comfort supported by the range.

The Kodex brand came on the market after the turn of the new millennium, when they say the demand for well-designed, innovative specimen tackle and equipment was becoming increasingly apparent. They collaborated with expert angling consultants on an entirely new range of items, designed for all kinds of anglers.

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