Korda Mini Combi Rig Safe

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  • Provides storage for small essential rig components
  • Such as boilie stops, beads, swivels, shrink tube, etc
  • These are kept in the 12 secure compartments that fill one side of the case
  • Snaps shut to ensure there is no spilling during transit
  • Will hold 20 rigs of up to eight inches in length
  • Stored neatly and held in place via the pins provided
  • It comes supplied with 15 standard pins
  • High density foam board
  • Plus 10 double pins that will hold rigs in place
  • specially machined, ridged aluminium bar
  • Designed to retain your hooks in perfect condition
  • Made from high impact plastic and is incredibly strong
  • Finished in soft touch rubber to allow a good grip in wet conditions
  • Clever magnetic locking system ensures it cant open during transit
  • No latches to fiddle with to open and close it

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