Leeda Concept GT 12ft Power Feeder

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    Made from High modulus carbon, the Concept GT 12ft Power Feeder rod has a moderate through action, which has a lot of power in the butt section to makes it ideal for fishing method feeders and large feeders at distance.
  • Slim 2 piece blank
  • Supplied with 1.5oz & 2oz tips.
  • High quality guides and screw fit reel seat.
  • Handle features; EVA and heavy duty cork.

    Extra Tips Available

    • A0898 Concept GT Spare tip 0.25oz
    • A0899 Concept GT Spare tip 0.5oz
    • A0900 Concept GT Spare tip 0.75oz
    • A0901 Concept GT Spare tip 1oz
    • A0902 Concept GT Spare tip 1.5oz
    • A0903 Concept GT Spare tip 2oz
    • A0904 Concept GT Spare tip 2.5oz

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