Limited Edition Guru Rive RSW Seatbox Raffle

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You are purchasing a ticket for our Limited Edition Guru Rive RSW Seatbox Raffle competition. 

Tickets are £5 and you will receive an order confirmation to confirm your entry into the raffle, followed closely by a separate email with your raffle ticket number. 

The draw will be made live on our social media channels once the tickets have been sold, and you can see the progress by checking out the product on our website.

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Good Luck! 


The latest edition of their flagship tackle storage and seating solution. Based on their best selling RS2 template, these feature a host of improvements on the previous version including an oversized seat designed to give you improved posture and reducing back strain, enabling you to stay focused on the job at hand. The tray system has been overhauled and is now 100 percent waterproof, giving your gear more protection against the elements.  The frame and tray system are ultra secure with no room for play or movement giving you a rigid reliable platform when dealing with challenging venues with steep uneven banks and difficult terrain. The trays themselves now come equipped with easy to use quick release catches, all of which are press to lock. So no handles or catches to break or get caught up on. If you are already a fan of these well-engineered boxes, you won't be disappointed.


  • Personalised Guru/Rive Back Plate.
  • Leg system of 36mm Diameter Legs, with a low box stance for superb stability. - The 36mm legs have 25mm telescopic inserts for stable and easy adjustments and levelling.
  • Non-Slip Footplate Cover.
  • Personalised ‘Dream’ Seatbox Cushion. The height of the seat can be adjusted by adding trays.
  • HSF (High Stability Footplate) Clips, to ensure the footplate won’t move while your sat or manoeuvring on the box.
  • Colour-Coded Stainless Steel Draw Fascia…on all draws.Open-Cap System on the legs to host various arms and attachments.
  • Brand-new ‘Dream’ handcrafted seatbox cushion. These are Handcrafted by master saddlers in Strasbourg!
  • Patented Open-Leg System, allowing legs to be removed without moving the seat box positioning. Height adjustments to the box can be made very easily.
  • The Box frame features new Hard-wearing matt paint finish.
  • The box is supplied with spare Under-box cassette and carry lid.
  • New Strengthened draw fronts featuring ribbed handles.
  • Patented HSP (High Stability Footplate). This enables the weight distribution to be shared across four seat box legs, and not only two as with other seat boxes.

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