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Whatever your angling discipline, a good quality net is essential for bringing your catch safely into the bank.  When you're carp fishing, you need a landing net that's large enough to accommodate fish that can come in at considerable sizes, fitted to a  spreader block that's strong enough to stand up to heavy hauling, including bringing in a large fish through dense weed, or against a strong current. You're also looking for a net that will be gentle on the fish, as you don't want to cause unnecessary damage to fins and scales, nor do you want your landing net to rub off too much of the fishes' protective coating – the slimy layer that covers their body, and helps prevent infection, and keep parasites at bay.  

If you're match fishing on a carp-heavy venue, all of the considerations you would apply to a landing net become even more important when it comes to thinking about your keepnet.  Carp are large fish, and need a reasonable amount of space if they're to be safely retained; they also need the mesh of any retaining net to obscure them from passing predators, including otters and cormorants.  As well as the considerations of fish safety, you need to be able to rely on your keepnet staying firmly in place.

Anchored with Preston's tried and tested fixed angle locking, this keepnet is designed with strong, fish-friendly mesh that is virtually invisible to predators, meaning your catch stays safe until you're ready to weigh in.  Available at 2.5m, 3m, and 4m, this carp-crafted keepnet is the perfect choice for top flight match anglers fishing tournaments on carp venues. The mesh is strong enough that these powerful fish won't break through it, but soft enough that they won't sustain damage while they're being retained, making it the responsible match anglers' ideal choice.

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