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Pole cups are a useful addition to your match fishing kit, giving you the ability to easily introduce free bait in the same area as you’ll be landing your hookbait, drawing the fish to the right area, and encouraging them to relax, and expect more of the same food they’ve been grubbing around at – an expectation you’ll meet perfectly with the precision placement of your hookbait that fishing with a pole set up allows.

Supplied as a set of three pole cups, the Guru Rapid Release Pole Cups give you the flexibility of offering a multi-bait rig, and feeding your swim with differing amounts of each bait, at separate intervals throughout your session, a tactic which keeps things interesting for the fish, and, hopefully, keeps them waiting around in your swim, eager to see what food turns up next.  You also have the advantage of being easily able to change your pole cup – for example, if you want to add a specific bait in the vicinity of one particular rod – without having to stop fishing while you manually unscrew one pole cup, and replace it with the size you want.  By using quick-release pole cups, you can save yourself vital seconds in a setting where time really can be everything.

Working with some of the best pro-anglers around, Guru has been producing innovative, high-performance, value for money tackle and equipment since 2009. With a brand ethos that’s based around the concept of “knowledge is power”, Guru ensure that knowledge – of materials, processes, and, most importantly, the needs and expectations of anglers – is the foundation of everything they do, and every product they bring to the market. Whether it’s something small, like these pole cups, or something big, like a premier-quality, high performance seat box, Guru ensure that every product benefits from their in-depth knowledge and comprehensive attention to detail.

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