Late in 2021, we released our range of Carp fishing baits – KARPZ BAITZ. Now, the bait had actually been in development for many months, but before we felt comfortable by putting it on shelves and on banks, we needed to see results, and that’s just what we saw.

We discussed whether it was the best move to release a Carp bait in the depths of winter when the fishing is at its toughest and anglers are out in fewer numbers, but our confidence in the bait won out, which seen it released in November 21’. Despite the challenges the baits performed incredibly well, putting tons of Carp on the bank and genuinely proving to be the difference-maker on a few occasions.

With the sun hanging higher in the sky and the water growing warmer by the day, now is the time to sample new baits and tactics before the summer is in full force and you’re competing with the angler as much as with the Carp.


Our Shelf Life Boilie range is just £9.99, and Hookbaits are just £4.99, which is unbeatable value across the industry, especially when the results are clear to see from anybody who has given them a try. Our Freezer Bait range is just £11.99 too, which again, is under most others in the industry.

Food Grade Quality
During the development of the bait, we had a big decision to make – increase the profitability of the bait by using cheaper ingredients, or accept a lower return but for a top-quality bait with food-grade quality ingredients. Of course, we opted for the latter, and this looks to be the difference-maker at the moment.

Iconic Flavour Profiles
Carp anglers love a touch of nostalgia, but not at the detriment of their angling, and of course, modern methods can’t be ignored. We wanted to combine the history of Carp angling flavours, with modern innovation, which led us to the three main flavour ranges in our ranks – Monster Worm, Tutti Squid & Toffee Peach.



Monster Worm
Our Monster Worm combines the classic Crab flavour, with the more recently popular Bloodworm. In fact, the boilies, hookbaits and liquids actually use liquid Bloodworm extract, which breaks down in the water and acts as a natural attractant to pull the Carp in from anywhere. Deep red in colour, with a meaty scent, this will be a devastating summer bait.


Tutti Squid
Tutti Fruity and Squid are two true iconic flavours in Carp fishing history, and this gem is a love letter to the craft. Washed out pink in shade with a unique scent, this was a true hit in the winter periods, but don’t look over it in the summer months.


Toffee Peach
Sweet and fruity in equal measures, Toffee Peach raised the most eyebrows during the development and testing stage. The shade is a murky orange, and the Peach scent is unmistakable, with the sweetness of the Toffee acting as a much more subtle accompaniment. If there was anyone that had reservations about Toffee Peach during development, they were cast aside during the testing stage, because the Carp LOVED them.


All of our baits are available in:

• Shelf Life Boilie – 12mm, 15mm & 18mm
• Freezer Boilie – 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
• Pop-Ups – 12mm & 15mm
• Waiters – 12mm & 15mm
• KLING Liquid 125ml

Our entire KARPZ BAIT range is available on our website and will start to appear in tackle shops around the country. You can shop the range here:

Don’t forget to send in your catch reports on any KARPZ product you have used, so we can sing your praises on social media! We’re also looking for some anglers to work with us to create content, so if this is something you may be interested in, get in touch with us through our Instagram or Facebook pages!

Tight Lines!


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