Top 5 Winter Fishing Boots

January isn’t the most forgiving time of year for fishing, and usually, you’ll have a job on your hands to stay warm on the bank. Of course, you need a few different things to stay warm bankside, and plenty of quality layers is just one of them, along with an endless supply of brews. An absolute essential, however, is good footwear. The amount of people you see freezing their socks off in the winter with a pair of trainers on is staggering and considering almost all of our body heat is lost through our heads and feet, a good hat and boots should be first on the list.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best 5 fishing boots on the market to keep your mind on the angling.

Skee-Tex Boot - £79.95

Dubbed as “The Warmest Fishing Boot in the World”, the Skee-Tex are mainstays in the angling world. They boast heavy praise from the likes of Sir Rannulph Fiennes and guarantee warmth in up to minus fifty degrees.

They feature a fully waterproof wellington boot, with a thick rubber sole, along with a fleece-lined inner which can be removed to be washed or changed as you see fit. They last a lifetime and have been enjoyed by cold-weather anglers and workers for over two decades. You can’t get much better than the Skee-Tex, and you can get them here.

Skee Tex Boot

Vass Fleece Lined Boot - £69.99

Vass have garnered a wonderful reputation for their product quality mainly due to their immensely popular waders, which have become a staple of modern carp fishing. However, in recent years, Vass have ventured further afield into clothing, luggage and boots, which has brought us the Fleece Lined Boot.

One of the best features of the Vass Fleece Lined Boot is the large Velcro strap at the front, which allows for quick removal and donning of the boot. It’s waterproof to the angle, and the upper part of the boot is made from a breathable textile material. They boast a no-metal policy on the boot, which means no rust and no broken laces.

This lightweight and durable boot from Vass is a real front-runner in the fishing boot injury, and they look carpy as hell too! Buy the Vass Fleece Lined Boot here.

Vass Fleece Lined Boot Strap Velcro

Fox Camo Neoprene Boot - £59.99

Sometimes, life on the bank is less about staying warm, and more about keeping dry. In those spring months, the temperature can be pretty forgiving, but the rain can be a real issue. Of course, stay dry and it will be much easier to stay warm, and with these Fox Neoprene Boot, you’ll definitely keep your feet dry.

They do suffer a little bit on flexibility due to the lack of any strapping or lacing, along with the lack of any internal insulation, but their waterproofing carries them into the top 5. Less suited for supremely cold conditions but perfect from March onwards, Fox’s Neoprene Boot is definitely worth your time. Shop for the boot here.

Fox Camo Neoprene Boot

Skee-Tex Thermal Field Boot – £99.95

Skee-Tex gets another call up into the top 5 winter fishing boot list with their Field Boot. Again, this boot is all about heat retention and warmth, and the inner removable liner consists of thick English wool and an aluminium sheet layer, along with wicking fibres for keeping your feet not only warm but dry.

Essentially, this boot is designed for many different sports and pastimes including angling, shooting and even farming. The boot is waterproof to the lower ankle, and while the material above the ankle is waterproof too, there is a slight breach at the stitch.

This is another great boot from Skee-Tex and while their original boot will always absorb most of the praise, the Field Boot deserves plenty too. Shop for the boot here!

Skee Tex Field Boot

Vass R Boot - £49.99

Last, but not least, is the Vass R Boot. The cheapest boot on the list at under £50, but certainly a worthy addition. The R Boot takes the simplicity of a wellington boot and adds a little bit of a boost to it. It’s lined with faux fur on the inner and stops a little lower than a traditional wellington for added comfort.

The R Boot is tough, hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, warm and genuinely comfortable, not to mention quick and easy to don and remove. This is an inexpensive and simple option for the everyday angler, but you won’t be disappointed with the R Boot. Get the boot here.

Vass R Boot

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