Best Carp Fishing Baits of 2021

2021 was another strange year that give us glimpses of normality without letting us have it altogether. However, we were able to get back on the banks and distract ourselves with the best sport in the world. But, as the industry grew, so did the options available to anglers. Wonderful companies gained a lot of traction in 2021, especially when it comes to bait! Now, we’re lucky enough to count ourselves in that emerging category, but it would be quite egotistical to put ourselves in the top five best carp baits of 2021 (even if we think we are!), so instead, we’re going to tell you a little bit about our new bait range, before exploring the top 5 best carp baits of 2021.

Let’s get on with it!


Ok, so we’ll get ourselves out of the way first! We sat down earlier in the year and worked out what we wanted 2021 to look like for us. The first priority was to continue to improve our website and mail order service, which we’ve been successful in, but a passion project was always on the horizon for us, and that’s when KARPZ BAITZ was born. We teamed up with a master bait maker that has created some stunning bait in their many decades, and we came up with 3 killer carp baits – Monster Worm, Tutti Squid and Toffee Peach. Now, the main priority was to ensure the bait was made with the best possible ingredients on the market, and while our profit margins suffered, the bait certainly impressed. Not only that, but we managed to keep the baits very competitively priced against other sin the industry with a kilo of boilie costing less than a tenner, hookbaits less than a fiver and our KLING liquids just £6.99 Now, we could talk for hours about our bait and each bait in the ranges, but we’d keep you here for hours, so instead, head over to our #KARPZBAITZ collection and discover the range for yourself!

Now for the top five!

5. Proper Carp Baits

The Essex based carp bait manufacturers know their way around making bait, but perhaps not always in the flavours you have seen before. Proper Carp Baits have taken a different approach to the bait that we use and fused together scents, flavours and colours that definitely stand out from the pack. Take for example their ‘Crunchy Nut’ range that is a mixture of cream and cinnamon, or chilli and liver ‘Hot Squid’ that was red hot over the summer! The boys at Proper Carp Baits have got some weird and wonderful rnages, along with hookbaits, dips, glugs and pastes available. Shop their range here!

4. Urban Baits

This is a little bit of a selfish pick from the writer because this was my brand of choice before we made our own bait. After a few tough years on a local syndicate water on more than a few well-known baits, a switch to Urban’s Tuna & Garlic range seen my bring fish on the bank almost immediately. In carp fishing you never know when something was skill, luck or a bit of both, but the consistency of this bait put any fear of coincidence out of doubt. Again, Urban boasts a great range of bait from boilies to powders and their Fully Loaded range was a real hit earlier in the year, so check out the collection on our website here.

3. Crafty Catcher – King Prawn Range

In our experience in selling carp fishing tackle and bait, cheaper options tend to get ignored out of habit, when in reality, you could be ignoring a real edge. Crafty rebranded their King Prawn as part of the new SuperFood range, and the quality of the new range is wonderful. The SuperFood range is slightly more expensive than the rest of their boilies, but the quality certainly exceeds the others too. In all honestly, the bait stinks, but in the best way. The bait is soft, crumbs and chops nicely and has a really unique orange tinted colour. It’s a good price for a good bait, so don’t shun good value! Shop Crafty Catcher here.

2. Mainline Baits

It would be hard to make a list of the best carp fishing baits of any year without including Mainline. However, over the past few years they’ve started to introduce some new products to their range that have proven to be quite popular. The most impressive product we’ve seen from them in recent years is their Smart Liquid. The thick, viscous liquid isn’t really a liquid at all, it’s more of a mousse that coats baits with ease, along with fluffing up stick mixes that will bloom like crazy in the water. We can’t say much about their range of boilies and hookbaits that hasn’t already been said, so we’ll just say that they continue to stand the test of time and the carp don’t seem to be getting bored of the bait! Check out the range here.

1. Korda Goo

It’s almost a boring selection to end with, but the Korda Giana Goo simply can’t be ignored. This year seen the release of 3 new additions to the Goo family in the Moonshine, Jungle Juice and Bubble Gum, which have only added to the popularity of the entire range. Personally, I think the Pink Almond Supreme is one of the best additives of all time, and it’s easily one of our top best sellers. The Goo is unbelievably versatile and if you haven’t given them a chance yet, what are you waiting for?! Shop the Korda Goo here.


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