Top 5 Carp Fishing Barrows

As the British summer works through the gears and reaches something resembling the summer, the banks begin to get a little busy, making a barrow almost essential.

Once the Carp have spawned and switched the focus back onto food, it’s one of the best times to get a line in the water and enjoy fishing in the sunshine. However, when the banks are at their busiest it can be hard to find yourself a quiet spot away from the hotspots, which quickly turn barren as the Carp head away from the areas rife with angling pressure. But, clocking up the miles on foot with all of your tackle and bait isn’t the brightest prospect in mid-20-degree heat, so why not take a load off and treat yourself to a brand-new fishing barrow? 

We’ve compiled a list of the best fishing barrows on the market, what makes them so wonderful. Now, the list is in no particular order, and we’ve included both premium and budget options!

Saber Terrain Carp Barrow – RRP £199.99 – Just £194.99 with KARPZ!

The Saber Terrain Carp Barrow represents a fantastic leap forward with affordable Carp fishing barrows that also stand up to some harsh treatment and keep on trucking! The genius in the Saber Terrain Carp Barrow is in its extending frame, which can be retracted for quick overnighters, or extended for mammoth trips. The barrow features an upstanding front rack to help balance out the barrow with bedchairs or buckets of bait, along with a cross section support bar to keep the barrow strong and sturdy even when extended to its maximum length.

Along with a powerful frame, the barrow features a drop in bag with side access, meaning that you can keep drinks, cameras, binoculars, tackle boxes and just about anything else that you think you may need in an instant without the need to start removing gear from your carefully balanced barrow. The oversized front tyre is an absolute brute, and it will cope with, as the name would suggest, any terrain necessary.

The Saber Terrain Carp Barrow collapses down to almost flat, making it perfect for even the smallest of boots or cars, and it weighs just 14kg. You can purchase the Saber Terrain Carp Barrow on our online store here, and at the moment you can bag this amazing barrow for just £194.99!

Fox Explorer Carp Fishing Barrow - RRP £219.99

Fox have been at the forefront of producing the best quality Carp fishing equipment for many years now, and the Explorer Carp Fishing Barrow is just another example of this. Fox boast that the Explorer is the most versatile barrow on the market, and considering the amount of added extras that you get from the barrow, it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t represent the best value for money either!

The key element of the Fox Explorer Barrow is that the barrow can be adjusted for either short day session or a longer journey with the adjustable bars. The barrow comes with drop in and side bags that are perfect for fishing off of your barrow and keeping on the move to follow carp around the lake throughout the session. There are also a few features of the barrow which make life easier for the angler despite how big or small they seem. Firstly, the spiked mud feet solve a big problem for anglers on smooth ground, along with holding right in muddy patches. The mesh pockets that sit either side of the wheel are also wonderful additions, perfect for bait or essential tackle that you need to lay hands on quickly.

Overall, the Fox Explorer Fishing Barrow is one of the best on the market, and the price makes it an absolute steal. Check it out here.

Korum Transition Compact Carp Fishing Barrow – RRP £119.99

Korum built the Transition Compact barrow with one thing in mind – efficiency. It’s the perfect barrow for the angler that just wants to transport their gear quickly, and while it’s not suited to the roving angler, it will do the job in the majority of scenarios. The extend wheel bracket allows anglers to put the bulk of the weight well above the wheel, allowing for an easy and balanced transit. The front of the barrow is segmented away from the main section, making it perfect for water carriers or carryalls, with the middle section ideal for mats, bait bags and anything else you need to transport.

The barrow folds down very compact to fit the smallest boots and erects in seconds. The price of the Korum Transition Compact is one of its biggest selling points, and £119.99 for a carp fishing barrow in today’s market is worth paying attention too. Check out the product on our website here.

Avid Transit Extreme Barrow – RRP £249.99

The Avid Transit Extreme Barrow is an incredibly versatile and customisable carp fishing barrow, and the innovation in this product is nothing short of revolutionary. The features in this barrow make carrying heavy loads over long distances incredibly comfortable, and the adjustments you can make ensures that its everyone’s perfect barrow.

Firstly, the multi-width sidebars enable you to make the barrow wider or narrower as you see fit, along with adjusting the height of the side bars for when you’re transporting more or less kit. The same goes for the adjustable front rack, perfect for buckets, water carriers chairs and bedchairs, and it even has a securing strap to keep everything in line. There are twin storage pockets on the underside of the barrow, for easy access to barrow covers, coats or anything else you may need in a hurry.

Perhaps the most innovative addition to this barrow is the sliding carryall that sits beneath the barrow behind the wheel. You can slide this out to access it without disturbing anything that’s on the barrow, which makes this barrow almost crucial for any roving angler. To be honest, there are too many features to note on this barrow, but here are some highlights:

  • Extendable front and side bars
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Quick release tyre
  • Extra-large mud feet
  • Under-barrow storage
  • Hard-wearing, waterproof lid

Check out this barrow on the website here.

Fox R Series Plus Carp Barrow – RRP £190.00

The R Series Plus Carp Barrow from Fox is an updated version of the R Series with the addition of extending side rails to allow the angler to carry more gear if required. The barrow features the same quick release wheel system, under barrow storage bag, ergonomic handles, oversized mud feet and pneumatic tyre that made it such a popular option in recent years.

If you’re looking for a barrow that does its job well, and without the addition of extra features that often make it heavy and harder to pack away, the R Series is the answer to your prayers. Check out the R Series Plus here.


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