How to Tie a Multi Rig - Step-by-Step Guide

The Multi Rig has fastly become the preferred rig of choice for carp anglers across Europe in the past few years. But what makes this rig so ruthless for catching wily old carp?

The Multi Rig takes aspects of the Chod and the Stiff Hinge rig to create the ultimate pop up rig for presenting your bait and hook safely above debris, without it sitting too obviously high in the water, which is often the issue with those other two popular pop-up rigs. As a general rule of thumb, you should fish as close to the lakebed as possible when fishing with boilies and pop-ups, so a low lying Multi Rig is almost the perfect solution.

The addition of bait screws into the construction of the Multi Rig, of which you'll see in a tutorial a little further down, allows you to change your hookbaits in an instant, and you can even change your hook quickly, without deconstructing the rig entirely.

So, let's take a look at how to tie the Multi Rig.

Rig Components Required: 

  • Soft Coated Braid 20lb
  • Wide Gape Hooks minimum Size 8
  • Bait Screw 
  • 2.4mm Shrink Tubing 
  • Tungsten Putty 
  • Braid Coating Stripping Tool
  • Braid Scissors 
  • Pop-Up Boilie

Step 1: Take a length of around 12inches of any Soft Coated Braid Hooklink Material.

Step 2: Strip about 4inches of coating from the braid using a stripper tool. 

Step 3: Tie an Overhand Loop on with the stripped braid end. Make sure the loop is around 1.5inches in length. 

Step 4: Take any Wide Gape Hook and thread the loop through the front of the eye. 

Step 5: Thread a Bait Screw onto the loop.

Step 6: Pull the loop over the hook point to create the loop and trap the screw. 

Step 7: Cut a 0.5inch piece of 2.4mm Shrink Tubing 

Step 8: Thread the shrink tubing over the hook eye and shank, and use the steam from a kettle spout to shrink it into place. 

Step 9: Thread your Pop-Up of choice onto the bait screw, trim off any tage ends on the uncoated braid and apply a pea sized amount of tungsten putty to the knot. 

Step 10: Tie another overhand knot at the coated end of your rig, and attach it to which ever lead system you prefer. From here, your rig is ready to catch you a beauty. 

The Multi-Rig is a wonderful way to fish on uncertain or silty bottoms with the confidence that your bait is sat perfectly for a carp to fall to it. There are a ton of variations you can implement into the rig, whether it's the legnth of the loop, the size of the pop-up or hook or even the bait attaching method. In any case, the Multi-Rig is a versatille method of fishing that is trusted by top anglers around the country. 

Let us know how you get on with the Multi-Rig and send us any catch pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be featured on KARPZ! 



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